Company Profile

Project One s.r.l. is a young and dynamic company based in Macherio (MB) - Italy. Our aim is to capitalize on our design capabilities and latest generation technologies to produce Radiological tables with materials such as:

  • carbon fiber
  • composite materials
  • wood and melanine laminates

Our tables are available for a wide range of purposes spanning from veterinary to digital radiology applications.
Project One s.r.l. operates to ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN 13485:2003 standards.
The Company's policy is to pay particular attention to customer requirements, understanding the need and what the solution must accomplish respondent to general safety standards related to medical equipment: ISO EN 60601-1 and ISO EN 60601-1-3.

Project One bases its activities on technological capabilities in terms of professional competence and human resources; our extensive experience in the radiological field ensures the know-how required for use of appropriate materials.

A high priority rating is assigned to presenting tested products on the market with the possibility of documenting the tests performed on fundamental aspects tied to table performance.
The instruments and tools used are managed by successfully tried and tested internal procedures which make it possible to document all the tests performed in the different production phases.

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